My First Exhibit Party – 3/8/2008


Very Pleased with WordPress

gee mark you are a genius i am so excited about this new toy and your new career

The Evolution of “Vine du Jour”

In my galleries, you will occasionally find two versions of the same painting. I thought that might be interesting: to be able to see how works change. But nothing else I’ve ever done has changed as much as this painting, “Vine de Jour”.

It started as a commission for a local business. The company name started with an “S”– you can see, in the first painting, how I used that letter as the base of the painting. When I delivered it, the comissioner was pleased. It hung in her business until she moved to a different location— one where, for placement reasons, it didn’t follow.

So I took it home and hung it in my studio. After a time I reworked it. Still wasn’t happy with it. Reworked it again. You see the results.

So one day, on a whim, I flipped it on its side, and just went crazy with it. I decided to make it… a school of goldfish!

Now, I’ve stared at it long enough to decide that I like the fish idea, but I’m not crazy about all the orange. Stay tuned….

A Note on My Galleries

The galleries I’ve created here are a pretty complete collection of the paintings I’ve done in oils. Some are currently for sale, some have been sold recently and years ago. Some were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina and some are saved and family owned.

Hello world!

I am happily moving my website to WordPress. After years of having to have somebody else manage my site for me, it’s exciting to finally find a way to be able to handle things myself!

Not just that… it’s a better site. I love being able to change things anytime I want! It’s exciting to think that I can post new paintings as I complete them, or, even post works in progress, to get feedback.